Why We Do What We Do


Immune cell dysregulation is a cause and a consequence of many devastating human diseases.

  • Inborn (genetic) immune defects - Primary Immunodeficiency - can expose the affected individual to life-threatening infections and auto-immune diseases.
  • Infectious diseases or cancer can cause severe immunodeficiency.
  • Some medical treatments intentionally cause immunosuppression e.g. in order to tolerate a foreign transplant or to fight auto-immunity.

The good news is that effective and sometime life-saving therapies are available.


What is needed is a simple, minimally invasive and affordable way to assess one's immune status! 


Our goal is to make immune monitoring as easy as a blood glucose test! Using a drop of blood we can help 

  • doctors to identify immune dysregulation early
  • patients to monitor their therapy more conveniently
  • and ultimately everybody to gauge their immune status anytime, anywhere. 


Epimune builds on epigenetic immune monitoring technology developed by Epiontis GmbH (Berlin, Germany) over more than 15 years. The technology is successfully being applied to support clinical trials with pharmaceutical companies across many different indications.