Epimune's Collaborators to Present Their Data at CIS 2021

Berlin, 14 April 2021 - Epimune announces its attendance at the Clinical Immunology Society (CIS) 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting (14-17 Apr 2021).


Two of Epimune's clinical collaborators will present new data using its epigenetic immune cell quantification technology.


Researchers at The Center for Chronic Immunodeficiency (CCI) of the Medical Center - University of Freiburg will present data on the comparison of Epimune's epigenetic immune cell quantification with flow cytometry in a cohort of more than 240 patients with primary immunodeficiency (Ramirez et al., 2021).


Epimune's collaborators at the Leiden University Medical Center will present their data on epigenetic immune cell counting as a second-tier test option in newborn screening for inborn errors of immunity (Blom et al., 2021).


Epimune will also be exhibiting at the event.


Ramirez et al., 2021
Ramirez_CCI_Epimune_Poster CIS 2021.pdf
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Blom et al., 2021
Blom_Second tier test options in newborn
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