Epimune Wins Important Regulatory Milestones for i.Mune TBNK® [CE]

12 July 2022


We are happy to announce the successful registration of our i.Mune TBNK (CE) test in Peru, Ecuador and Malaysia.


TannerLAC UK Limited, a part of Tanner Pharma Group, and Epimune recently partnered to distribute i.Mune TBNK in Latin America. TannerLAC received registration approval for the product in Peru and Ecuador, with registration pending in Colombia, Brazil and Mexico.


For more information please visit: https://tannerpharma.com/tanner-pharma-group-to-distribute-novel-diagnostic-test-in-latin-america/


Chemopharm is part of the Everlife Group, one of Asia’s leading market access and distribution platforms of clinical diagnostics and laboratory solutions. Chemopharm successfully completed the registration of Epimune’s i.Mune TBNK test with the Medical Device Authority (MDA) in Malaysia.



Together with its registrations in Europe (CE-IVD) and the United Arab Emirates, these three new registrations are important steps towards bringing Epimune’s revolutionary epigenetic immune cell quantification technology to the benefits of patients with immune disorders worldwide.