i.Mune™ TBNK [CE]

i.Mune™ TBNK [CE] a quantitative in vitro test to determine the percentages and absolute counts of human lymphocyte subsets in liquid venous whole blood.

i.Mune™ TBNK [CE] allows the epigenetic quantification of:

  • T lymphocytes (CD3+)
  • B lymphocytes (CD19+) (BLC)
  • Natural killer lymphocytes (CD16+CD56dim) (Natural killer cells; NKC)
  • Helper T lymphocytes (CD3+CD4+)
  • Cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CD3+CD8+).


i.Mune™ TBNK [CE] is comprised of the three (3) separate kits:

  • i.Mune™ Prep (for preparation of a total of 48 samples)
  • i.Mune™ TBNK Amp (for PCR-amplification of a total of 48 samples)
  • i.Mune™ Check (controls and standards or a total of 12 DNA prep runs)

In addition, we'll provide a Data Analysis Tool (MS-Excel based)

Sample requirements:

  • 40 µl of liquid venous whole blood collected in K2EDTA blood collection tube.
  • The blood sample may be stored at room temperature (15°C to 30°C) for up to 48 h

Quantification of T-/B- and NK lymphocytes can be useful for*:

  • Follow-up and diagnostic evaluation of primary immunodeficiency 1),2)
  • Monitoring of HIV-positive patients 1),3)
  • Immune monitoring following immunosuppressive therapy for transplantation, autoimmunity and other immunological conditions4)
  • Assessment of immune reconstitution post hematopoietic stem cell transplantation5)
  • Early screening of gross quantitative anomalies in lymphocyte subsets in infections and malignancies
  • Absolute quantification of circulating B cells for diagnosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) patients6)

Please inquire to obtain a customized proposal:

*The above clinical applications have been established using technologies currently being employed in clinical laboratory routine (e.g. flow cytometry). 

Performance Characteristics:

Performance characteristics of i.Mune™ TBNK [CE] were determined according to CLSI guidelines.

Repeatability (single-site) CV < 12,5%                                     
Within Laboratory Precision (single-site)

CV < 25%

Reproducibility (multi-site)

CV < 25%

Within Laboratory Precision (multi-site)

CV < 25%


10 - 40 µl venous whole blood

Limit of Quantification

< 100 copies




No interference with bilirubin (0,4 mg/ml),
hemoglobin (10 mg/ml),
triglycerides (15 mg/ml), albumin (150 mg/ml)

Clinical Performance:

Clinical performance of i.Mune™ TBNK [CE] was evaluated according to DIN EN 13612. For this 113 liquid venous whole blood samples from self-declared healthy donors were prospectively collected in K2-EDTA blood collection tubes. Epigenetic data of 112 test samples analysed with i.Mune™ TBNK [CE] were compared to flow cytometry data using the Spearman correlation coefficient (Spearman r) for each assay (% and cells/μl).

Assay Spearman r p value
 CD3 cells/µl 0.82 <0.0001
CD4 cells/µl 0.70  <0.0001
CD8 cells/µl 0.55  <0.0001
BLC cells/µl 0.79  <0.0001
NKC cells/µl 0.70  <0.0001
Leukocytes/µl 0.70  <0.0001
CD3 % of Leukocytes 0.85 <0.0001
CD4 % of Leukocytes 0.76 <0.0001
CD8 % of Leukocytes 0.53 <0.0001
BLC % of Leukocytes 0.86 <0.0001
NKC % of Leukocytes 0.78 <0.0001

Comparison i.Mune™ TBNK [CE] with flow cytometry

(n=112 self declared healthy adult donors)


r = 0.90

r = 0.96


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