How We Do It

Using Epigenetics to Identify Immune Cells

DNA-methylation is an epigenetic phenomenon that drives cell-type specific gene expression. Epimune identifies DNA methylation markers that are specific for various different immune cell types.

Epimune Develops Real-Time PCR Tests for Immune Cell Specific DNA-Methylation Markers

Using real-time PCR technology Epimune's tests allow both relative (%) and absolute (cells/µl) quantification of immune cells from clinical samples

Epimune Offers Test Kits* for Clinical Validation


Epimune collaborates with leading clinical experts in the fields of Primary Immunodeficiency, Autoimmune Diseases, Transplantation, Immunology and Oncology. Please contact us if you are interested in collaborating with Epimune.

*Epimune's epigenetic immune cell quantification tests are for research use in collaborations, only. Epimune's test are not approved or cleared for diagnostic use and are not available for general research use.