Pregnancy & Birth

Here you'll find selected publications pertaining to the enumeration of immune cells in the respective indication

  • General
    • Endometrial Immune Profiling: A Method to Design Personalized Care in Assisted Reproductive Medicine (Lédée, 2020)
    • Dynamic Function and Composition Changes of Immune Cells During Normal and Pathological Pregnancy at the Maternal-Fetal Interface (Yang, 2019)

  • Natural Killer (NK) Cells
    • Role of Decidual Natural Killer Cells in Human Pregnancy and Related Pregnancy Complications (Zhang, 2021)
    • Endometrial immune markers are potential predictors of normal fertility and pregnancy after in vitro fertilization (Kofod, 2017)
    • Natural killer cells and regulatory T cells in early pregnancy loss (Sharma, 2014)
  • Treg
    • Increased Regulatory T Cells Precede the Development of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia in Preterm Infants (Pagel, 2020)
    • Regulatory T cells in embryo implantation and the immune response to pregnancy (Robertson, 2018)
    • The T helper type 17/regulatory T cell paradigm in pregnancy (Figueiredo, 2016)