Introducing i.Mune® Tests

i.Mune TBNK [CE]

Relative and absolute quantification* of CD3+, CD4+, CD8+ T-, B- and NK lymphocytes from liquid (fresh/frozen) or dried blood spots (DBS)

i.Mune NEO [CE]

For the quantification of lymphocyte subsets in dried blood spot samples from newborns

i.Mune CD4/CD8 [RUO]

Relative and absolute quantification* of CD4+ T- lymphocytes from fresh, frozen or dried blood

i.Mune DBS[CE]


For the collection of a dried blood sample from a finger-tip.

*Relative quantification (%) is possible for all sample types; absolute quantification (cells/µl) currently for liquid (fresh or frozen) blood, only.


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