Here we list selected publications covering Epimune's technology and products. For a comprehensive publication overview please see downloadable .pdf at the bottom of this page.

  • Blom M, Bredius RGM, van der Burg M. Future Perspectives of Newborn Screening for Inborn Errors of Immunity. Int J Neonatal Screen. 2021 Nov 2;7(4):74

  • Blom, M., Pico-Knijnenburg, I., Imholz, S. et al. Second Tier Testing to Reduce the Number of Non-actionable Secondary Findings and False-Positive Referrals in Newborn Screening for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency. J Clin Immunol (2021).

  • Blokland SLM, Epigenetically quantified immune cells in salivary glands of Sjögren's syndrome patients: a novel tool that detects robust correlations of T follicular helper cells with immunopathology. Rheumatology (Oxford). 2020 Feb 1;59(2):335-343. PMID: 31325310.

  • Le Cornet C, Circulating Immune Cell Composition and Cancer Risk: A Prospective Study Using Epigenetic Cell Count Measures. Cancer Res. 2020 May 1;80(9):1885-1892. PMID: 32075798.

  • Burska AN, Quantifying circulating Th17 cells by qPCR: potential as diagnostic biomarker for rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatology (Oxford). 2019 Nov 1;58(11):2015-2024. PMID: 31081041.

  • Wang H, Human LAP+GARP+FOXP3+ regulatory T cells attenuate xenogeneic graft versus host disease. Theranostics. 2019 Apr 12;9(8):2315-2324. PMID: 31149046.
  • Baron U, Epigenetic immune cell counting in human blood samples for immunodiagnostics. Sci Transl Med. 2018 Aug 1;10(452). PubMed PMID: 30068569


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Publication List Epigenetic Immune Cell Quantification (DEC 2021)
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